Ghalib Masood

Ghalib Masood



Ghalib Masood is a tenacious lawyer who regularly works with youth clients and those who suffer from mental health illnesses. Having a background in biomedical sciences, he brings a fresh way of thinking when dealing with complex criminal allegations. Mr Masood has a vast following where clients regularly request him personally to represent them in the police station and at the Magistrates Court.

Mr Masood regularly receives instructions in relation to offences where there is forensic evidence that is in dispute. These involve allegations ranging from robbery and burglary offences, importation and supply of drugs, sexual offences as well as various assault matters.

His meticulous approach allows him to analyse evidence and find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, where has had a number of clients successfully acquitted. He has a strong reputation with counsel who he frequently works alongside in the most serious cases at the Crown Court. Recently, Mr Masood was part of a defence team where a client was arrested for attempted murder and this was successfully reduced to a Section 18 Assault in Court with the trial ongoing due to weaknesses in evidence at the police station.

Mr Masood’s ethos is that all of his clients are innocent until proven guilty. Every case has a different set of circumstances and he is never afraid to listen to and explore his client’s defence, whether that be in a domestic nature or that of a large criminal enterprise.

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