Driving without a License

Driving without a License


Under Section 87 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 it is an offence for a person to drive on a road a motor vehicle of any class otherwise than in accordance with a licence authorising them to drive a motor vehicle of that class.

Simply put, if you do not have a licence to drive the vehicle you are stopped in, you are committing this offence.

The prosecution simply have to prove that you were driving the motor vehicle on the road. A defendant must prove that they had a valid licence.

Similarly it is also an offence to permit someone else to drive knowing that they also are not driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.


This offence carries an obligatory endorsement of 3-6 points on your licence whereas disqualification is discretionary.

You will also receive a fine subject to the severity of the offence and taking your income into consideration. The maximum fine is £1,000.

How we can assist:

Our expert mitigation will assist you in minimising the sentence passed by the Magistrates including the imposition of minimal points and the lowest possible fine. Our solicitors have represented numerous clients who have been charged with this offence. If there are “special reasons” we may be able to assist you in proving these in order for the Magistrates to not impose an endorsement. Special reasons are limited for this offence.

If you have been charged with this offence and summoned to Court, contact us immediately to discuss your matter.