Motoring Offences

About Motoring Offences

Our team understands that facing a motoring conviction can be extremely stressful. The endorsement of points on your licence or being disqualified from driving can have significant impacts on your personal life as well as your loved ones. These can be not only reputational and emotional impacts but also financial, as a number of people rely on driving for their employment.

We are experienced in dealing with motoring offences with our solicitors having successfully represented a number of clients in the past. Our swift action has resulted in having reduced or no endorsement on licences, avoiding discretionary and even mandatory disqualifications, but also having matters dropped altogether before they reached court.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality and affordable Fixed-Fee service. This allows our clients to feel confident in their representation. We offer nationwide representation, regardless of where the offence has taken place in England or Wales.

Please call us today today for a free initial telephone consultation so that we can assess your case and give you effective advice at the outset. Whether you have been invited for a police interview under caution, issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or have received court summons, it is never too late to seek our representation.