Murder & Manslaughter

Murder & Manslaughter

Homicide is the killing of another human being. This term encompasses both lawful and unlawful killings. Homicide may be lawful where is justified, for example in self defence.

Considered the most serious of crimes, being subjected to a murder investigation is the most stressful situation an accused can find themselves in. Typically, the police are less forthcoming with information as to these investigations and “fish” for information from the accused that they have arrested. Different tactics can be deployed in police interviews of this kind which are likely to last a few days with extended periods of custody. Aggressive interviews are conducted by experienced officers from the Homicide Major Enquiries Team (HMET).This may be your first interview; it is not ours.

Regardless of your defence, it is important to never allow yourself to be questioned without an experienced solicitor by your side. Everything that you say may be given in evidence, as per the police caution. Even being found guilty of being an accessory to such crimes can result in lengthy imprisonment.

Our solicitors have in the past, represented multiple clients arrested for conspiracy to commit murder/manslaughter allegations. Whether that be through allegations arising out of mobile phone and cell site evidence, CCTV or even forensics involving alleged murder weapons. Carefully considering this evidence requires experience to further a client’s defence. You may be part of a series of events, completely unaware to you, that lead to the murder of a victim. To prove your innocence, you need expert representation.

If you are currently under investigation, know of somebody who has been arrested or is in custody for these serious allegations, contact us immediately.