Fraud Offences

Fraud Offences

These are some of the most complex investigations and cases which can last for years with client’s lives put on hold, with disastrous effects on their loved ones. Seizure and freezing of assets is all too common whilst investigations are ongoing. Fraud matters typically involve vast amounts of evidence collated by multiple organisations such as banks but also agencies including the National Crime Agency (NCA) and HMRC. If you are arrested and interviewed, without a lawyer you cannot find out more about the allegation until the interview itself.

It is therefore important to have a team of representatives trained in dealing with such matters to expedite proceedings from a defence perspective. Our Solicitors have the experience in dealing with the police and Crown prosecution service from the outset of such lengthy investigations to pursue all possible defence avenues to give you the best possible chance in defending the allegations.

We are not afraid to deal with any kind of fraud allegation. Whether that involves identity fraud, unlawful claiming of benefits or large scale enterprise fraud of multinational organisations. The examples of fraud cases we are able to deal with are:

  • Fraud by False Representation
  • POCA Offences
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Tax Evasion / False Accounting
  • VAT Fraud
  • Customs/Duty Fraud
  • COVID 19 Travel Certificate Fraud
  • COVID 19 Bounce Back Loan/Furlough Fraud
  • Immigration Fraud
  • Conspiracy to Commit Fraud
  • Money Laundering Offences

If you have been called to attend an interview with the police or HMRC, call us now for effective legal representation. If you have an ongoing investigation or have been charged with a fraud related offence, call us to discuss your matter now.