Fail to provide a specimen

Fail to provide a specimen


Under Section 7(6) if the Road Traffic Act 1988 it is an offence for a person who has been required to provide a specimen for analysis to fail without reasonable excuse to do so. If this is in relation to driving or attempting to drive there is a mandatory disqualification. If only “in charge” there is a 10 penalty point endorsement with discretionary disqualification. Aggravated offences can lead to custodial sentences.

It is a defence if you can show that you had a reasonable excuse for not providing a specimen

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Our team of solicitors are experienced in dealing with clients who have been charged with this offence. It may be that there is no defence available for the offence. However, it is important to get expert representation at Court to ensure that your personal circumstances and relevant factors are explained at Court in order to reduce the penalty given.

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