Speeding Offences

Speeding Offences

Endorsement of penalty points on your licence remain for four years. For more serious offences they can stay up to 11 years.

The usual penalty is a £1000 fine and 3 penalty points. You may be offered a speed awareness course if you have not been previously offered one and are within the bracket for it to be offered. You can only attend one course in a 3 year period.

More serious speeding offences where the accused is significantly over the speed limit can result in 7-56 day discretionary disqualification as well as potential custodial sentences.

How we can assist:

Our solicitors have represented clients ranging from minor speed offences to more serious excessive speeding offences attracting a custodial sentence. Our solicitors have successfully defended clients who have been charged with serious speeding offences where it has been challenged that the police officers who secured the evidence against the client did not follow specific protocols in reference to the equipment used. Our solicitors are always keen to discuss and explore the defences available to you and are not afraid to vigorously challenge the evidence to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Our solicitors have also defended clients who have been charged with serious speeding offences and mitigated on their behalf to reduce the length of a ban. In some cases our detailed and tailored mitigation in respect of “special reasons” has allowed our client to avoid a ban.

If you are facing allegations of speeding, or have been charged to Court (received summons to Court), call us today to discuss and explore your defence.